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Saul (disambiguation)

Saul Ñiguez, Spanish footballer playing for Atletico Madrid, known as Saul Saul Berjon born 1986, Spanish footballer known as Saul Saul given name, a list of people Saul Fernandez Garcia born 1985, Spanish footballer known as Saul Saul surname, a ...

Amazonia (disambiguation)

Peruvian Amazon, the portion of the Amazon basin in Peru Amazonia, Missouri, a village in the United States French Guiana, seeking Independence as the Republic of Amazonia Amazon biome, a biome that covers most of the Amazon basin and some adjoin ...


Pretty Good Privacy, a computer program for the encryption and decryption of data Pelvic girdle pain, a pregnancy discomfort Personal Genome Project, to sequence genomes and medical records P-glycoprotein, a type of protein

Foot (disambiguation)

Foot of a perpendicular, in geometry, a point where perpendicular lines intersect Foot unit, a unit of length, now usually 0.3048 m or 12 inches Foot, an alternate name for the fotmal, a unit of weight usually equal to 70 pounds


Aina Indou, a character from the.hack// franchise Aina 2013 film, a Pakistani romantic drama film Aina book, a Nepalese book by Ramlal Joshi Aina band, a 2003 progressive metal supergroup, and their album, Aina, Days of Rising Doom Aina 1977 film ...

G (disambiguation)

Eastern Quebec, Canadian postal prefix G Gabon, international license plate code G Glasgow, UK postal code G Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia, generally called "The G" by locals

G8 (disambiguation)

G8 is the Group of Eight, an international forum for eight industrialized nations, also known as the G7+1. G8, G08, G.VIII, G.8, G-8, or Group of Eight may also refer to:


"Fools" by Deep Purple, from their 1971 album Fireball "Fool" Elvis Presley song, 1973 "Fool" by Dragon, from the 1984 album Body and the Beat "Fool" by The Rasmus, from the 2006 album Peep "The Fool" Sanford Clark song, 1956 "Fool #2" by Swans f ...

Plateau (disambiguation)

Plateau state, a state in Nigeria Plateau, Nova Scotia, Canada Plateaux Department Gabon Plateau Department, a department of Benin Plateau Praia, on the island of Santiago, Cape Verde The Plateau, a neighbourhood in Montreal, Canada Plateau, Ivor ...


Georgia usually refers to: Georgia country, a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia Georgia U.S. state, one of the states of the United States of America Georgia may also refer to:

Zachary Alexander Brown

Zachary "Zac" Alexander Brown born on July 31, 1978, in Atlanta, Georgia is co-founder and lead singer of the Zac Brown Band. He was raised on Lake Lanier by his mother, Bettye, and stepfather Dr. Jody Moses, a dentist in Cumming, Georgia. The 11 ...


Paramount Pictures, a motion picture studio that is part of Paramount Motion Pictures Group, a motion picture holding company owned by ViacomCBS. The following companies are historically linked not necessarily by current ownership. Paramount Park ...


Xpress may refer to: a Trans-Proteomic Pipeline software Xpress Transport Protocol, a transport layer protocol for high-speed networks one is used in Microsoft Exchanges LDAP protocol, Windows CE, and the Windows hibernation file Xpress technolog ...


G-Dragon born 1988, leader of Korean musical group Big Bang Grateful Dead, an American rock band GD Cuber, a small Rubiks cube based youtube channel Green Day, an American rock band


Gibraltar Hockey Association Glenn Hoddle Academy, a British football academy Glasgow Hutchesons Aloysians RFC, a Scottish rugby union club Chabab Ghazieh SC, a Lebanese association football club


GenerativeComponents, computer-aided design software Garbage collection computer science, a form of automatic memory management General Category of a Unicode symbol Global Catalog, a global listing of all objects in an Active Directory forest

Bank holiday (disambiguation)

Bank holiday chiefly refers to a public holiday in the UK and Ireland during which banking institutions are closed for business. Bank holiday may also refer to:

Vanadis expedition

The Vanadis expedition was a sailing expedition around the world with the frigate Vanadis visiting South America, Oceania, Asia, and Europe. It took place between 1883 and 1885 and was commissioned by the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway. The ...


Tivoli Nature Preserve, a municipal nature preserve in Albany, New York Tivoli World, amusement park in Costa del Sol, Spain Tivoli Japan, a Japanese version of the Copenhangen park, in Kurashiki, Okayama closed 2008 Villa dEste, a 16th-century v ...

Marquis (disambiguation)

Marquis film, a 1989 film The Marquis comics, a comic series published Oni Press later Dark Horse, written by Guy Davis Marquis magazine, a fetish magazine Marquis quartet, barbershop quartet that won the 1995 SPEBSQSA international competition " ...


G.P., an Australian television medical drama series GP, a rating for films in the early 1970s, eventually changed to "PG" by the MPAA Goteborgs-Posten, a daily Swedish newspaper

DeWolf family

Balthazar DeWolf d. July 1704 first mentioned in the records of Hartford, Connecticut in 1656. After 1668 he settled in Lyme, Connecticut. He was married to Alice DeWolf, who remarried after his death. They had at least four children: Benjamin 16 ...

IGN (disambiguation)

Institut geographique national, the French national geographic institute Instituto Geografico Nacional Guatemala, the Guatemalan national geographic institute Instituto Geografico Nacional Spain, the Spanish national geographic institute Nationaa ...

White Earth

White Earth/White Earths may refer to: Anthropology Zaculeu "White Earth", pre-classic city of the Mam-Maya of Guatemala Saqulew in modern orthography Saqulewab, "White Earths", referring to the Mam people in the Popol Vuh United States White Ear ...

Volcano (disambiguation)

Volcano Vent, a volcano in British Columbia The Volcano British Columbia, a cinder cone in British Columbia, Canada Volcano Mountain, a volcano in Yukon, Canada


Casper rapper born 1982, German musician Casper surname David Gray snooker player born 1979, nicknamed Casper Casper Maya ruler 422–487?, ruler of the Mayan city of Palenque Casper given name Tok Casper, first known king of Maya city-state Quirig ...


Gay Times, a UK culture magazine for gay males, known also as GT The Grand Tour TV series, a series shown on Amazon Prime GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley, a television series Gullivers Travels, a story published in the 18th century Dragon Bal ...

Force (disambiguation)

Force is what, when unopposed, changes the motion of an object. For The Force with the definite article, see The Force disambiguation. Force may also refer to:

Rural (disambiguation)

A rural area is a geographic area that is located outside cities and towns. Rural may also refer to:The figures mentioned are from The census of Ireland Population of Glenhest 2006 Total 228 Population of Glenhest 2011 Total population 335 Males ...


Espada or espadas may refer to: A sword, especially the Spanish espada ropera Lamborghini Espada, an Italian car produced between 1968 and 1978 USS Espada SS-355, American submarine whose construction was cancelled

Orinoco (disambiguation)

The Orinoco is a river in Venezuela and Colombia. Orinoco may also refer to: Places Caicara del Orinoco, town of Venezuela Alto Orinoco Municipality, one of the seven municipalities municipios that make up the southern Venezuelan state of Amazona ...

New Amsterdam (disambiguation)

Buffalo, New York or New Amsterdam, New York, U.S. New Amsterdam, Indiana, a town in Indiana, U.S. New Amsterdam Historic District, a section of Detroit, Michigan Nieuw-Amsterdam, Drenthe, a village in Emmen, Netherlands New Amsterdam, New Hollan ...


Gan International Airport, Maldives Garuda Indonesian Airways, former name of Garuda Indonesia, the national airline of Indonesia Glasgow Airport, Scotland Gambia International Airlines Ghana International Airlines


Gunnar Graps Group, an Estonian rock group German Goo Girls, a series of pornographic films Grinding Gear Games, New Zealand game development studio Girls Guns and Glory, an American band Guys Grocery Games, a reality cooking TV series The King o ...


Marian given name, a list of people with the given name Mari people, a Finno-Ugric ethnic group in Russia Marian surname, a list of people so named


PhantasmaChronica, an album by Korovakill under the name of Chryst Phantasma Cemetary album Phantasma Leon Bolier album, an album by Leon Bolier Phantasma band, a heavy metal project comprising Charlotte Wessels, Georg Neuhauser, and Oliver Philipps


LCE may refer to Low-carbon economy, an economy which has a minimal output of carbon dioxide emissions into the biosphere Leaving Certificate Examination, for school leavers in Ireland Logistics Combat Element, responsible for providing logistica ...

Port Royal (disambiguation)

Port-Royal-des-Champs, an abbey near Paris, France, which spawned influential schools and writers of the 17th century Port-Royal Abbey, Paris, an inner-city abbey founded by Port-Royal-des-Champs

Black River

Black River is a common name for streams and communities around the world; in Spanish and Portuguese: Rio Negro, in French: Riviere Noire, in Turkish: Kara Su ; in Serbo-Croatian: Crna Reka, Црна Река or Crna Rijeka, Црна Ријека, in Macedonian: Ц ...

Las Vegas (disambiguation)

Las Vegas Bay, at the western edge of Lake Mead Las Vegas, Uruguay, a small seaside resort on the Costa de Oro Las Vegas, New Mexico, a city in the US state of New Mexico Las Vegas Corvera, a parish in Asturias, Spain Las Vegas comarca, Madrid, S ...

Tile (disambiguation)

Tile, an alternative name for the mythical land of Thule Tile, the art of the playing area in a tile-based video game Tile, a game piece in a tile-based game Tiles band

Dandy (disambiguation)

Dandy Nichols 1907–1986, English actress born Daisy Sander El Dandy, ring name of Mexican professional wrestler Roberto Gutierrez Frias born 1962 Dandy nickname Dandy surname


Summerland Key, an island in the Florida Keys in the United States Summerland, British Columbia, a Canadian town Summerland Key, Florida, an unincorporated community in Monroe County, Florida Summerland, California, USA, an unincorporated communi ...

Anthony Brown

Anthony Cave Brown 1929–2006, English-American journalist, espionage non-fiction writer, and historian J. Anthony Brown, American comedian, actor and radio personality Anthony Brown musician active 1997–2010, American jazz drummer Anthony Brown g ...

Valhalla (disambiguation)

Valhalla Provincial Park, in British Columbia, Canada Mount Valhalla Antarctica Valhalla, Palestine, a 19th-century settlement of the German Templers sect, now part of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipal area Valhalla crater, on Jupiters moon Callisto V ...


A 24 motorway Germany, a road connecting Hamburg and Berlin A24 motorway Italy, a road connecting Rome and the Adriatic Sea A24 road United Kingdom may refer to A24 motorway Austria, a road connecting Vienna and the A23 to Stockerau A24 motorway ...

The Delicacy

The Delicacy is a 2020 documentary film about sea urchins and the divers who harvest them off the coast of Santa Barbara, California in the US. The film, directed by Jason Wise, premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Januar ...


Peggy novel, a 1970 historical novel by Lois Duncan Peggy album, a 1977 Peggy Lee album Peggy musical, a 1911 musical comedy by Stuart and Bovill Peggy 1916 film, a silent comedy Peggy 1950 film, a comedy


Neb may refer to: Neb, transcription of an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph of a basket, Gardiner sign V30 Neb, meaning nosy in Pittsburgh English Neb, meaning nose or mouth Neb, meaning snout or beak Neb, the pen name of British political cartoonist ...

Selina Thompson

Selina Thompson is a performance artist based in the United Kingdom. Her work is focused on the way that identity shapes our lives and intersects with politics, the environment and topics such as freedom. Her work has been shown at Spill, Fierce, ...