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Cornus is a genus of about 30–60 species of woody plants in the family Cornaceae, commonly known as dogwoods, which can generally be distinguished by their blossoms, berries, and distinctive bark. Most are deciduous trees or shrubs, but a few spe ...


Pemphis is a genus of maritime plants in family Lythraceae. It was recently thought have only one species but is now believed to have at least two. Pemphis are highly adaptive. Depending on environmental factors, they are densely branched, or low ...

Rhaphiolepis indica

They are shrubs or small trees, which rarely reach a size of 4 m in height. The branches are purple brown when young, greyish brown when old, cylindrical, initially brown tomentose, glabrous in old age. Petiole 0.5-1.8 cm or almost absent, slight ...


Schefflera is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araliaceae. With an estimated 600-900 species, the genus represents about half of its family. The plants are trees, shrubs or lianas, growing 4–20 metres tall, with woody stems, the absence ...


Serissa is a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae, containing only one species, Serissa japonica. It is native to open sub-tropical woodlands and wet meadows in southeast Asia, from India, and China to Japan. It is commonly called th ...

Taxodium ascendens

Taxodium ascendens, also known as pond cypress, is a deciduous conifer of the genus Taxodium, native to North America. Many botanists treat it as a variety of bald cypress, Taxodium distichum rather than as a distinct species, but it differs in e ...

Ulmus alata

Ulmus alata, the winged elm or wahoo, is a small- to medium-sized deciduous tree endemic to the woodlands of the southeastern and south-central United States. The species is tolerant of a wide range of soils, and of ponding, but is the least shad ...

Wrightia religiosa

Wrightia religiosa is a species of tree in the family Apocynaceae. Its distribution includes: China, Indochina and Malesia including the Philippines, no subspecies are listed in the Catalogue of Life. This view is generally bonsai plants used in ...

Aechmea Blue Tango

Aechmea Blue Tango is a cultivar of the genus Aechmea. It is a hybrid grown in South Florida with a prolific bloom. Variety developed by Patricia Bulis from Princeton, Florida.

Aechmea Forest Fire

Aechmea Orange Age. (Эхмею Оранжевый Возраст) Aechmea Red Flame. (Эхмею Красное Пламя) Aechmea Red Surprise. (Эхмея Красная Сюрприз) Aechmea Burning Stump. (Горящие Эхмею Пень) Aechmea Forest Flame. (Эхмею Лесного Пламени) Aechmea Fatso. (Эхмею Т ...

Aechmea nudicaulis Parati

Aechmea nudicaulis is a species native to Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, Venezuela and Brazil. It contains a number of different recognized varieties. They are variable in size, forming compact green or red leaves. "Aechmea nudicaulis ...

Billbergia Fantasia

Billbergia Strawberry Sling. (Billbergia Клубничный Слинг) Billbergia Dark Fantasy. (Billbergia Темного Фэнтези) Billbergia Fantastic Bob. (Billbergia Фантастический Боб) Billbergia Bewitched. (Billbergia Заколдовали) Billbergia Strawberry. (Bill ...

Billbergia Theodore L. Mead

Theodore L. Mead is a hybrid cultivar of the genus Billbergia in the Bromeliad family. Theodore Luqueer Mead was an American horticulturist who favored the Billbergia genera in his hydridising work.

Billbergia Windii

Windii is a hybrid cultivar of the genus Billbergia in the Bromeliad family. It is an evergreen flowering perennial plant, epiphytic in habit, growing to 0.5 m with pink and green flowers appearing from bracts on stems to 50 cm. In temperate regi ...

Cryptanthus Mars

Cryptanthus Starry Night. (Cryptanthus Звездная Ночь) Cryptanthus Musk. (Cryptanthus Мускус) Cryptanthus Jet Stream. (Реактивный Cryptanthus Поток) Cryptanthus Indian Maid Maiden. Cryptanthus Glowing Embers. (Cryptanthus Горящими Головешками) Cry ...

Cryptanthus Osyanus

Cryptanthus Mabs. (Cryptanthus Мат) Cryptanthus Evelyn. (Cryptanthus Эвелин) Cryptanthus Pat. (Cryptanthus Пэт) Cryptanthus Autumn Tones. (Cryptanthus Осенних Тонов) Cryptanthus Joan. (Cryptanthus Джоан) Cryptanthus Rosy Kay. (Cryptanthus Безобла ...

Cryptanthus Racinae

Cryptanthus Silver On Rose. Cryptanthus Silver Delight. (Cryptanthus Серебряный Восторг) Cryptanthus Mister Wilfred C. Cryptanthus Wicked Stepmother. (Cryptanthus Злая Мачеха) Cryptanthus Silver On Burgundy. Cryptanthus Peter Kay. (Cryptanthus Пи ...

Dyckia Lad Cutak

Dyckia Black Beauty is an F2 cultivar derived from Dyckia Lad Cutak. Dyckia Pearly Gates and Dyckia Picante are crosses between Dyckia Lad Cutak and 3rd species.

Neoregelia Charm

Neoregelia Roxy. (Неорегелия Рокси) Neoregelia Alluring. (Неорегелия Заманчивые) Neoregelia Siam Forest. (Неорегелия Сиам Лес) Neoregelia Yodas Pagoda. (Пагода Йоды Неорегелия) Neoregelia Charming DeRolf. (Очаровательная Неорегелия DeRolf) Neoreg ...

Neoregelia Dr. Who

Dr. Who is an epiphytic flowering plant, a hybrid cultivar of the genus Neoregelia in the Bromeliad family. It is an interspecific cultivated variety derived from the species Neoregelia carolinae and Neoregelia oligantha, both of which are endemi ...

Neoregelia Marcon

Neoregelia Black Knight. (Черный Неорегелия Рыцарь) Neoregelia Renaissance. (Ренессанс Неорегелия) Neoregelia Harlequen. (Harlequen Неорегелия) Neoregelia Aztec. (Неорегелия Ацтеков) Neoregelia Eddy. (Неорегелия Эдди) Neoregelia Mac Mar. (Неореге ...

Neoregelia Midnight

Neoregelia Voodoo Night. (Ночь Неорегелия Вуду) Neoregelia Midnight Glory. (Неорегелия Полночь Славу) Neoregelia Midnight Charm. (Неорегелия Полночь Очарование) Neoregelia Midnight Marble. (Неорегелия Полночь Мраморный) Neoregelia Voodoo Queen. ( ...

Neoregelia Orchid

Orchid is a hybrid cultivar of the genus Neoregelia in the Bromeliad family. Neoregelia is known for its long lasting color which can often be six months or longer.

Neoregelia Rose Apple

Rose Apple is a hybrid cultivar of the genus Neoregelia in the Bromeliad family. The Rose Apple grows in tropical areas and is often found in the rainforests of South America.

Neoregelia Royal Flush

Neoregelia Blueberry Muffin. (Черничный Маффин Неорегелия) Neoregelia Royal Pepper. (Неорегелия Королевской Перец) Neoregelia Tar Baby. (Неорегелия Тдо Ребенка) Neoregelia Classique. (Неорегелия Завоевание) Neoregelia Plum Sheen. (Неорегелия Слив ...

Neoregelia Vulkan

Neoregelia Emerald Forest. (Неорегелия Изумрудного Леса) Neoregelia Burning. (Неорегелия Горения) Neoregelia With Love. (Неорегелия С Любовью) Neoregelia Beverly. (Неорегелия Беверли) Neoregelia Radiant. (Неорегелия Радиант) Neoregelia Purple Pla ...

Nidularium Leprosa

Leprosa is a hybrid cultivar of the genus Nidularium in the bromeliad family. The name is most likely for the leopard like spots. The pollen parentage, rosulatum, is uncertain.

Tillandsia Munros Filiformis

Tillandsia Munros Filiformis, also known in the U.S. by the trade designations Tillandsia usneoides El Finito and Silver Ghost, is a natural form of Tillandsia usneoides with very fine, green leaves that is native to Paraguay. It conforms to the ...

Tillandsia Odins Genuina

Tillandsia Odins Genuina is a natural form of Tillandsia usneoides Spanish moss with brown rather than green or yellow petals. It is native to Guatemala and Mexico.

Vriesea Kitteliana

Vriesea Prince Leopold. (Вриезия Принц Леопольд) Vriesea Belgica. (Вриезия Бельжика) Vriesea Nigricans. (Вриезия Псапз) Vriesea Tricolor. (Вриезия Триколор) Vriesea Polonia. (Вриезия Полония) Vriesea Superba. (Вриезия Суперба) Vriesea Cite Ardent ...

Buddleja Asian Moon

Buddleja Asian Moon is a sterile hybrid cultivar raised in 2001 by researchers at the University of Arkansas by crossing the tetraploid davidii cultivar Moonshadow with the diploid B. asiatica Lour. to create a seed-sterile triploid.

Buddleja Attraction

Buddleja Attraction is a cultivar raised from an open pollination of Buddleja × weyeriana Honeycomb by Prof. Michael Dirr at the University of Georgia, USA, in 1999.

Buddleja Autumn Delight

Buddleja Autumn Delight is a hybrid cultivar raised by Peter Moore, Chief Propagator at the Longstock Park Nursery in Hampshire, England. The cultivar is the result of a crossing of Autumn Beauty with Sugar Plum.

Buddleja Autumn Surprise

Buddleja Autumn Surprise is a hybrid cultivar arising from a cross of Buddleja crispa with Buddleja alternifolia Argentea made by chief propagator Peter Moore of the Longstock Park Nursery, Stockbridge, England. The cultivar was released to comme ...

Buddleja Bel Argent

Buddleja Bel Argent is a French hybrid cultivar derived from a crossing of B. davidii and B. farreri, raised by Jean-François Giraud of Le Jardin de Rochevieille, Viviers, near Montelimar.

Buddleja Bicolor

Buddleja Bicolor is a hybrid cultivar raised by Professor Michael Dirr at the University of Georgia in 1999 from a crossing of Buddleja × weyeriana Honeycomb and B. davidii. It is commonly known by the name Buddleja Flower Power in the UK.

Buddleja Blizzard

Buddleja Blizzard is an American hybrid cultivar raised by Dr D. Werner from a crossing of White Ball and Nanho Purple at the J C Raulston Arboretum, North Carolina State University.

Buddleja Lo & Behold Blue Chip Jr

Buddleja Blue Chip Jr is a dwarf hybrid cultivar derived from a crossing of Blue Chip and clone NC2006-18 by the North Carolina Agriculture Research Service, NCSU, and released to commerce in 2013.

Buddleja Lo & Behold Blue Chip

Buddleja Blue Chip is the worlds first truly dwarf buddleja, raised by Dr Dennis Werner and Layne Snelling at the J C Raulston Arboretum, NCSU. The cultivar is the result of the complex hybrid B. weyeriana Honeycomb ×. Blue Chip was released to c ...

Buddleja Blue Gown

Buddleja Blue Gown is a hybrid cultivar raised at Sir John Quickes garden at Newton St Cyres, in Devon, England. The ancestry of Blue Gown is unknown, but it has been speculated the plant is the result of a crossing of B. crispa and B. davidii

Buddleja Boy Blue

Buddleja Boy Blue is a hybrid cultivar raised circa 2000 by Peter Moore, Chief Propagator at the Longstock Park Nursery in Hampshire, England. The cultivar is the result of a crossing of B. × weyeriana and B. davidii.

Buddleja Burncross

Buddleja Burncross is a British hybrid cultivar discovered by Dr Robert Senior at Penzance in 2000 and raised at Moor House in North Yorkshire. Sterile and thus non-invasive, Burncross was patented and introduced to commerce in 2012.

Buddleja Butterfly Ball

1. Butterfly Ball grows to a modest height of 1.5 m. The glabrescent foliage is grey-green above, the flowers white with a golden eye, forming long terminal panicles. 2. Butterfly Ball grows to a modest height of 1.5 m. The foliage is grey-green, ...

Buddleja Colour Fountain Blue

Buddleja Colour Fountain Blue was released to commerce in the United Kingdom in 2012 by the Thomson & Morgan nursery, it is sold under the name Foot Long by Van Meuwen.

Buddleja Cranrazz

Buddleja Cranrazz is a hybrid cultivar introduced in 2014 by the Ball Horticultural Company, West Chicago, Illinois, USA. The shrub is sold in Europe by Pepinieres Minier, France, as Buddleja Boscranz = Reve de Papillon Red

Buddleja Ellens Blue

Buddleja Ellens Blue is an American cultivar, raised from a chance seedling of Lochinch in the garden of Ellen Hornig, Seneca Hill Perennials, Oswego, New York. Following the Royal Horticultural Societys Buddleja Euro-trials at Wisley, Ellens Blu ...

Buddleja Flower Power

Buddleja Flower Power, also commonly known as Bicolor, is an American hybrid cultivar raised by Michael Dirr at the Center for Applied Nursery Research, University of Georgia, in 1999 from the cross Buddleja × weyeriana Honeycomb × B. davidii. Th ...

Buddleja Glasnevin

Buddleja Glasnevin is an old hybrid cultivar raised by John Dalrymple, 13th Earl of Stair, Lochinch Castle, putatively from a crossing of Buddleja davidii with Buddleja fallowiana, the same parents of the better-known cultivar Lochinch. However, ...

Buddleja Gulliver

Buddleja Gulliver is a British hybrid cultivar raised by Kenneth Tobutt from a crossing of Pink Delight and Nanho White at the East Malling Research Station in Kent, England, and patented in 2007.

Buddleja Hever Pride

Hever Castle remains rare in cultivation in the UK. A specimen listed as Pride of Heverwas included in the Chelsea Flower Show display created by Writtle College in 2008.