ⓘ 2008 Pennsylvania elections


ⓘ 2008 Pennsylvania elections

Pennsylvanias state elections were held on November 4, 2008. Necessary primary elections were held on April 22.

All 203 seats of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 25 seats of the Pennsylvania Senate, as well as the offices of Pennsylvania Treasurer, Pennsylvania Auditor General, and Pennsylvania Attorney General were up for election.


1. Presidential Primary

Democratic Primary

Pennsylvanias Democratic Primary to award the states 158 pledged delegates took place on April 22, 2008. Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton were the only 2 Democratic candidates on the ballot.

According to official results from the primary, Clinton won 54.6% of the vote, and Obama took the remaining 45.4%.

Republican Primary

John McCain had already secured the majority of delegates for the Republican Party nomination, and captured 73% of Republican votes in the Pennsylvania primary. Republican turn-out was low, perhaps due in part to Republicans switching their registration to vote for Hillary Clinton and extend her candidacy as part of "Operation Chaos".


2. Statewide Ballot Referendums

The ballot question asked the voters to authorize the issuance of $400.000.000 in bonds for the "acquisition, repair, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, extension, expansion and improvement" of sewage treatment facilities and water supply systems. The money raised would be dispensed by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority. The measure passed with a healthy statewide margin and had a gained a majority in 64 of 67 counties.