ⓘ Hood


ⓘ Hood

  • Hood rail transport, a rigid cover to protect a load on a flat wagon or a coil car
  • Short hood, part of a diesel or electric locomotive
  • Long hood, part of a diesel or electric locomotive

1. Art, entertainment and media

Fictional entities

  • "The Hood", the vigilante name given to Oliver Queen in season 1 of the TV series Arrow
  • Hood Thunderbirds, fictional character in the Thunderbirds TV series
  • Hood Malazan, fictional god in the Malazan Book of the Fallen universe
  • Hood comics, fictional Marvel Comics character


  • Hoods film, a 1998 independent film directed by Mark Malone
  • Hood film, a 1998 Japanese film


  • Hood 2006, the first book of the King Raven Trilogy, by Stephen R. Lawhead
  • Hood novel, a 1995 novel by Emma Donoghue

2. Places

United States

  • Hood County, Texas, a county in the U.S. state of Texas
  • Hood Canal, a fjord off Puget Sound in the U.S. state of Washington
  • Hood River disambiguation
  • Mount Hood Parkdale, Oregon, the name of the post office that serves Mount Hood, Oregon
  • Hood, California, a census-designated place in the United States
  • Hood, Virginia, an unincorporated community in the United States
  • Fort Hood, a U.S. Army post near Killeen, Texas
  • Mount Hood, Oregon, an unincorporated community named for the mountain
  • Mount Hood, the tallest mountain in the U.S. state of Oregon

3. Ships

  • List of ships called HMS Hood
  • Hood Steamer, an early 1900–01 American manufacturer of steam cars in Lanark, Illinois, see List of defunct automobile manufacturers of the United States

4. Other uses

  • HOOD method, software design method
  • Hood, codename for the largest secretly detonated thermonuclear device over United States territory; see Operation Plumbbob
  • A slang for a neighborhood