ⓘ Millicoma River


ⓘ Millicoma River

The Millicoma River is a coast stream, about 8.5 miles long, east of Coos Bay in the U.S. state of Oregon. Formed by the confluence of the East Fork Millicoma River and the West Fork Millicoma River at Allegany, it meanders across relatively flat land to meet the South Fork Coos River, with which it forms the Coos River.

Oregon Route 241 Coos River Highway runs along the right bank of the river from Allegany to the mouth. The Millicoma meanders generally southwest, receiving Woodruff Creek from the left slightly downstream from Allegany. Deton Creek enters from the right at Rooke Higgins County Park near river mile RM 3.5 or river kilometer RK 5.6. About a half-mile later, Hendrickson Creek enters from the left. The Millicoma receives Matt Davis Creek from the right just before meeting the South Fork Coos River to form the Coos River about 5 miles 8 km from the larger streams mouth on Coos Bay.

The Millicoma supports a large run of shad as well as runs of Chinook salmon and steelhead, all of which may be fished for. It also supports runs of Coho salmon, but fishing for them in the Millicoma is not allowed. Rooke Higgins County Park has a boat launch as does Doras Ramp, near the mouth.


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