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Geography of Florida

Much of the state of Florida is situated on a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Straits of Florida. Spanning two time zones, it extends to the northwest into a panhandle along the northern Gulf of Mexico. It is bordered on the north by the states of Georgia and Alabama, and on the west, at the end of the panhandle, by Alabama. It is near The Bahamas and several Caribbean countries, particularly Cuba. Florida has 131 public airports, and more than 700 private airports, airstrips, heliports, and seaplane bases. Florida is one of the largest states east of the ...

Cape San Blas

Cape San Blas is part of a peninsula in Gulf County, Florida, extending westward from the mainland of Florida, separating St. Joseph Bay to the north from the Gulf Of Mexico to the south. The St. Joseph Peninsula extends northward from the west end of Cape San Blas. It is approximately 10 miles south-southwest of the town of Port St. Joe, located at coordinates 29°39′49″N 85°21′20″W.

Crews Lake Wilderness Park

Crews Lake Wilderness Park is located off Shady Hills Road in Pasco County, Florida. The park includes hiking trails, a short paved bike trail, playground, wooden tower, athletic fields, and the 7 1 ⁄ 2 in gauge Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad. Rides on the miniature railroad are offered the second Saturday of every month. The lake is the source for the Pithlachascotee River. Jumping Gully Preserve is adjacent to the park. Lake crews, together with the lake, the Moon reached its lowest level in 2009 before slowly coming deep with the heavy rains in the summer of 2010. The lake has recovered ...

Florinda, Florida

Florinda was a named place in Florida in 1930. A rail line connected 26.6 miles from Lake Wales through Grove, Florida, Templeton, Florida, Hesperides, Florida, Walinwa, Florida, Sumica, Florida, and Florinda, Florida to Nalaca, Florida. The area took its name from the Florinda Mill & Planing Mill Co. The areas post office was established at Sumica. In 1922 the Florinda company budgeted 0.000 for new sawmill equipment including planers, saws, and matchers for a daily output of about 35.000 ft. The purchase replaced equipment destroyed in a fire.

Floridas Hazelhurst terrace and shoreline

Floridas Hazelhurst terrace and shoreline is an ancient relict shoreline or delta present in the southeastern United Statess Atlantic seaboard dating from the Late Miocene to Early Pliocene.

Halifax area

The Halifax area or simply Daytona is a region of the U.S. state of Florida, comprising the area around Daytona Beach. It is roughly coextensive with the Daytona Beach metropolitan area and Volusia County. There have been a number of attempts to establish a regional identity for Daytona, including dubbing it the Surf Coast and Fun Coast ". The name "Halifax area" refers to the Halifax River, which runs through Daytona Beach and other nearby municipalities.

Key West Bight

The Key West Bight, now known as the Key West Historic Seaport, is the site of a 200-year-old global maritime trade base in Key West, Florida, USA. A bend in the shoreline on the northwest side of the island created a bight, a wide bay and naturally protected harbor. Today, the Historic Seaport is the location of restaurants, bars, boutiques, art galleries, museums, hotels, boats, and watersports excursions.

Kissimmee/Okeechobee Lowland

The Kissimmee/Okeechobee is located in the central part of the state bounding Lake Okeechobee to the south and extending north to the Osceola Slope in Osceola County. It is bounded on the west by the Lake Wales Ridge system and on the east by the Eastern Flatlands. County boundaries Osceola, highlands, Polk, Okeechobee, and glades.

Miami Rock Ridge

The Miami Rock Ridge is a continuous limestone outcrop which formerly encompassed a large extent of far southern Florida, including portions of the Everglades ecosystem. The traditional base of the elevation ranges from northern Miami-Dade County, Florida southward to the upper Florida Keys, and it extends southwest into Everglades National Park. The coastal ridge was traditionally a component of pine rocklands under threat of extinction that grew along the whole length of the ridge. The environmental community consisted of a large and continuous area elliottii Slash pine, South Florida-pi ...

Woodville Karst Plain

The Woodville Karst Plain is a 450-square-mile karst area that runs from Tallahassee, Florida, U.S. to the Gulf of Mexico separated by the Cody Scarp. This karst plain includes numerous first magnitude springs, including Wakulla-Leon sinks cave system, the longest surveyed underwater cave in the United States, extending 32 km 51 km and ranking #57 among the 100 longest caves in the world. On the WKP is home to five of the 27 reported species of troglobites in the Florida and South Georgia, including in Woodville karst cave crayfish and swimming in the cave isopod Florida. Also of interest ...


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