ⓘ Riddle (disambiguation)


ⓘ Riddle (disambiguation)

  • Riddle, West Virginia, an unincorporated community
  • Riddle, Indiana, an unincorporated community
  • Riddle, Oregon, a city in Douglas County
  • Riddle Run, a tributary of the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania
  • Riddle, Idaho, an unincorporated community
  • Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University, a private 4-year college with campuses in Florida and Arizona

1. Other

  • Riddle of the Sphinx
  • The Riddle Song, also known as "I Gave My Love a Cherry," an English folk song
  • The world riddle of Friedrich Nietzsche, the meaning of life
  • Riddling, a process in the production of sparkling wine
  • Riddle tool, a large sieve used to separate finer from coarser particles of soil or compost
  • Riddle Airlines, an American airline founded in 1945

2. Music

  • "The Riddle" song, a single by Five for Fighting from the 2006 album Two Lights
  • Riddle album, a 1999 album by Thomas Leeb, and the title song
  • "Riddle" song, a single by En Vogue from the 2000 album Masterpiece Theatre
  • The Riddle album, a 1984 album by Nik Kershaw, and the title song