ⓘ East Natick, Rhode Island


ⓘ East Natick, Rhode Island

East Natick is a small village in Warwick, Rhode Island. It is centered on the intersection of Bald Hill Road and East Avenue.

The village is separated from NATICK right on the railroad now Washington secondary trail and the river Patuxet. Other nearby the village of Pontiac, which is North of Patuxet.

East NATICK was home to many industrial workers, who worked in the factories nearby NATICK. Examples of traditional island body of the mill can be seen in the Northern part of the village. One of the most interesting buildings is the fact that Warwick ice cream company, founded in 1930. Built in 1940, it is one of the few examples of architecture of the art Deco in Warwick. It was designed by Providence architect Frances Chiaverini. There is a colonial era house at 697 East Avenue.

East NATICK is home to two well-known island establishment: College of Rhode island, Rhode island and a shopping centre.

Radiation is in the territory of the former knight property belonging to the first Spragues and then the knights, large industrial families. The main house, still standing at 486 East Avenue, believed to have been built by William Sprague between 1827 and his death in 1836. The estate was later donated to the state, and Rhode island College, now radiation, was opened in 1972.

Island shopping center, originally the Midland Mall opened in 1967. Most of the building is currently vacant.