• John Piersol McCaskey, an American politician. He served as the 23rd mayor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania from 1907 to 1911
  • Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere
  • James Paul McCartney
  • Johann Prokop Mayer, an Austrian naturalist and botanist. He created the flower gardens at the Wurzburg Residence.
  • JPM band, a Taiwanese Mandopop band
  • John P. McLeod, an Australian writer and broadcaster. For a time he was an in-house screenwriter for F.W. Thring at Efftee Studios. He also worked for the ABC and wrote a number of humorous novels
  • Jacqueline Payne Marone, a fictional character in the US soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by English actress Lesley-Anne Down since April 1, 2003
  • Joannes Paulus Magnus "John Paul the Great", an epithet sometimes applied to Pope John Paul II 1920–2005
  • Jai Prakash Menon, currently the Group Director - IT for Bharti Enterprise Group
  • Juan Pablo Montoya born 1975, Colombian race car driver known internationally for participating and winning in Formula One, CART and NASCAR race competitions
  • John Peter McArthur, a politician from Alberta, Canada

1. Places

  • JPM Airport, a private airport located 2 miles west of Monmouth in Polk County, Oregon, USA
  • James Pennell Mansion, a mansion that stands in the Pennellville Historic District in Brunswick, Maine
  • Jinhai Pulp Mill, the largest pulp mill in China, and the world´s largest single-line pulp mill

2. Other

  • Jin Ping Mei, a 1610 Chinese naturalistic novel composed in the vernacular baihua during the late Ming Dynasty
  • JPMorgan Chase, whose NYSE ticker symbol is JPM
  • Les Avions Jean-Pierre Marie, a French aircraft design firm
  • Jingle Punks Music, a music licensing and production music company based in New York, NY. Founded by Jared Gutstadt and Dan Demole in October 2008, the company provides music licenses for television, film, video games and advertisements
  • Jahan Pyar Mile, a 1970 Hindi film directed by Lekh Tandon. The film stars Shashi Kapoor, Hema Malini, Nadira and Helen. The films music is by Shankar Jaikishan
  • Jimi Plays Monterey, a posthumous live album by Jimi Hendrix released in February 1986