ⓘ Skunk River Greenbelt


ⓘ Skunk River Greenbelt

The Skunk River Greenbelt is a public/private partnership supporting a 10 mile long trail system between Story City and Ames in central Iowa.

The trail is skunk river, beginning South of the citys history and ends in the complex of Mcfarland Park in North Ames. There are additional spur to the main trail, taking place on South I-35 rest stop South of story city, Iowa, and the extensive trails in Mcfarland Park.

Opportunities for recreation include:

  • Primitive campsites. (Примитивные кемпинги)
  • Off-road biking. (На внедорожных велосипедах)
  • Several Geocache. (Несколько Тайников)
  • Canoeing, kayaking, and tubing along the river portion of the trail.
  • Public Hunting Areas. (Общественные Места Охоты)

Wildlife in the area includes:

  • Otters rumored. (Выдр слухам)
  • Coyotes. (Койоты)
  • Muskrats. (Ондатр)
  • Deer. (Олень)
  • Inhabited Beaver Pond near the northern terminus.
  • Foxes. (Лис)
  • Wild turkeys. (Дикие индейки)